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All too often people who struggle with their eating habits hesitate to adopt healthy nutrition because they mistakenly think that an effective diet requires strict adherence to “health food” and restrictions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to be successful with healthy nutrition, you have to love what you eat and be able to indulge in your favorite unbalanced treats from time to time. We know that you can have it all eating the Balanced Habits™ way, but what better way to learn what healthy and balanced nutrition can look like than by observing what the professional certified Food Coaches from Balanced Habits™ HQ eat from day to day.

Check out a day of eating in the life of Food Coach Kiersten!

Balanced Habits™:

Vegetables for breakfast with your eggs provides an excellent start to your day! Kiersten knows her way around the kitchen and she is great at giving her body what it needs when she eats.

Balanced Habits™:

What we like about this lunch is that although it’s made up of left-overs, these left-overs are not only excellent, but intentional. All the food choices she makes at this important meal are solid and will hold her over with maximum energy.

Balanced Habits™:

Although we don’t suggest most folks have a cookie for their snack, the beauty of this is that Kiersten is so in-tune with her body and nutrition, it’s clear she isn’t setting herself back in any way. This little snack is way better than not eating for too many hours between lunch and dinner.

Balanced Habits™:

For a busy mom, wife, and business owner, the Instant Pot is a game-changer! Kiersten is sure to have a great source of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Although she says this is her highest carb meal of the day, the choice is likely vegetables, which provides an excellent array of vitamins and minerals. We love the life-balance of Kiersten’s eating!

“[Dinner] is usually my highest-carb meal of the day. I don’t do well with grains, but I can eat some beans, so that might be in there. I also like pizza once a week and on Friday we have dessert. Did I mention I like cookies? I also like to try different rye whiskies. (but not with cookies)” ~Kiersten

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