About Balanced Habits

Founded in 2013 by former gym owners Carolyn & Paul Fetters, Balanced Habits™ provided a way to make a bigger and more permanent impact on the health of their gym members. Their philosophy behind weight management focuses on empowering people by providing the knowledge, tools, and live personal support to achieve long-term success. Designed with the support of Nutritionists and RDN’s, Balanced Habits™ is nationally accredited program that has supported nearly 200,000+ clients to reach their goals throughout North America. 

Why I Do What I Do

My name is Carolyn Fetters.  In addition to being the founder of Balanced Habits, I was also a multi-location fitness business owner, with my husband, Paul.  Together we have been in the fitness industry for 30 years.
I want to share something very personal to me…
I was not raised by health-conscious parents.  I decided early on this was not going to be my fate.  In college I had a professor, who knew my mother, say to me “you’re lucky you’re going to have to worry about your weight because it will propel you to take care of yourself.” In most cases, this might upset someone, but in my case I understood what he meant and built my life’s work around that one statement.
I do have a weight problem and have to watch what I eat, as I gain weight easily. I have to exercise, not only for my health but also to ensure I don’t gain weight as I age. I make conscious decisions each day to take care of myself by eating properly and exercising because I want to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I have practiced this behavior literally my entire life.  The payoff of my choices is so worth the effort.
I had three siblings.  I lost both my brother and one of my sisters to obesity-related causes in their mid-50’s. Fortunately, my surviving sister is taking active measures to change her lifestyle.  A goal of mine from early on was not to follow in my family’s footsteps when it comes to their poor eating habits. This has been the catalyst for developing my deep interest in fitness and placing profound importance on nutrition.  
For over twenty-five years now, I’ve been a nutrition expert and counselor. It’s my passion. Having said that, it seemed only natural to apply my energy and enthusiasm for nutrition in a way that would help people throughout North America to better understand how to make better and more healthful nutrition choices to support their own goals. I have now worked directly, and indirectly, with approximately 200,000 people with the nutrition programs I created to educate people how to eat real food in the right portions to support their body and lifestyle. I coined this term a Balanced Habits “Füducation.”
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