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All too often people who struggle with their eating habits hesitate to adopt healthy nutrition because they mistakenly think that an effective diet requires strict adherence to “health food” and restrictions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to be successful with healthy nutrition, you have to love what you eat and be able to indulge in your favorite unbalanced treats from time to time. We know that you can have it all eating the Balanced Habits™ way, but what better way to learn what healthy and balanced nutrition can look like than by observing what the professional certified Food Coaches from Balanced Habits™ HQ eat from day to day.

Check out a day of eating in the life of Food Coach Bridget!

Balanced Habits™:

What a great and satisfying start to Bridget’s day. All three macronutrients are well represented and the balance will easily get her to her next meal.

“My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.” ~Bridget

Balanced Habits™:

Anything homemade is a great option. Bridget is able to control the ingredients and give her body clean choices. Again, she has an excellent balance of her macronutrients and that will help get her to dinner time with ease.

“My favorite food is eggs.” ~Bridget

Balanced Habits™:

Simple and perfect! Greek yogurt is a slow digesting protein, because it’s almost entirely casein, which helps keep her energy levels up. The berries provide an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants.

“My least favorite foods are legumes.” ~Bridget

Balanced Habits™:

Stir Fry’s are so great for jam-packing the plate with veggies and clean proteins. Knowing Bridget, she does a stellar job with her choices and balance. A great ending to a great day of eating.

“I enjoy spending time with my family and staying active. I love being outdoors biking and walking. I also enjoy my Peloton bike and Pilates classes.” ~Bridget

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