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All too often people who struggle with their eating habits hesitate to adopt healthy nutrition because they mistakenly think that an effective diet requires strict adherence to “health food” and restrictions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to be successful with healthy nutrition, you have to love what you eat and be able to indulge in your favorite unbalanced treats from time to time. We know that you can have it all eating the Balanced Habits™ way, but what better way to learn what healthy and balanced nutrition can look like than by observing what the professional certified Food Coaches from Balanced Habits™ HQ eat from day to day.

Check out a day of eating in the life of Food Coach Ann!

Balanced Habits™:

Ann does an excellent job of getting in a great balance of macronutrients, which will give her a great start to her busy day!

Balanced Habits™:

Knowing Ann, this lunch is likely at her desk. Egg whites are such a clean source of protein, The crunch from her carrots & apples are great for digestion. The healthy fat from the peanut butter provides satiety until her dinner.

“My favorite food is peanut butter!” ~Ann

Balanced Habits™:

This snack provides Ann with an excellent source of protein, a healthy fat, and the blueberries are very high in antioxidants. Once again, her meal is giving her everything she needs to stay focused and energetic.

“My least favorite food is ranch dressing” ~Ann

Balanced Habits™:

I love the variety in Ann’s dinner selections; she clearly knows what she needs to provide her body nutritionally. She does such an excellent job with making sure she’s giving her body what it needs throughout her entire day.

“[ In my free time, I enjoy ] relaxing with my husband, cooking, walking our dog, spending time in nature, working with BH clients!” ~Ann

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