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What circumstances led to your participation in Balanced Habits nutrition?

“Every year I kept adding a couple pounds & never would lose it. This past summer my cholesterol panel numbers were up & I wanted to change my diet first before having to increase my cholesterol medication.”

Have you made any attempts to improve your diet and fitness in the past?

I have participated in Weight Watchers three times in my life. I would lose 10 pounds, but never kept it off.”

“These past 2 years I have become more active through exercise, but haven’t lost any weight. However, Balanced Habits has improved my diet and eating habits, along with my exercising, and I have finally been able to lose weight!”

What positive impacts has Balanced Habits had on your life?

“I feel overall better and have more energy! My Food Coach Jennifer was great! She was easy to talk with, gave helpful suggestions, very supportive, & easy to get in touch with. Others have noticed my weight loss & I have recommended Balanced Habits [to them]. With planning & preparation, it has become a healthy way of life!”

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