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We want to give a HUGE deserved shout out to a current LIFE member who is killing it ..even amidst the chaos of the world. 

Loren is a weightlifter who was training 3x a week for an upcoming competition while also attending Orange Theory for cardio. Yes, both of her fitness compounds are closed right now so she has had to pivot her fitness plans.

Loren bikes, jogs and follows at home workouts. Her weightlifting routines have been modified to be lighter in weight, but higher in number of repetitions. She also works on pull ups with an at home over-the-door pullup bar.

She journals, she shows up to our scheduled meetings, she uses our app and workouts, she plans out her meals, she buys what she plans, she writes notes where she is suggested to pay closer attention to specific details, she modifies meals based on her suggestions…she just DOES the program.

But beyond her fitness…her eating is clean, consistent, and intentional.

Yes she HAD a sweet tooth, but she has weighed out the benefits and realized…weight loss, strength gain, and overall health beats out the want for a “treat” here and there.  She has reevaluated what a “treat” is.

Burgers, pizza, french fries, having some beers, frozen yogurt, cupcakes- granted those locations are closed…but though they are all still available at the grocery store, they’re not ending up in Loren’s house. She recognizes, if they’re in the house, they’re more likely to be consumed..and oftentimes in large amounts that were not planned or warranted.

The point is…you are NOT doomed to “have to gain weight” right now while you’re spending more time at home. Your fitness facility being closed does not determine that you MUST put on the pounds. You are still in control. You choose to prioritize. You choose to prepare what goes into your mouth.

Just to provide some data for you, though all these above victories are much more impacting, Loren lost a total of 17 pounds, 4% body fat and 6 inches in just 12 weeks. Again- throughout ALL this that has been going on since she started her program, she has overcome, learned, grew, chosen, and is excited to keep her progress going.

Here is what Loren had to say about her program

“I had really lost control of my nutrition and was feeling overwhelmed about how to start.

In the past, I tried limiting calorie intake, [but] it usually only worked for a short time. I also tried going vegan or vegetarian but I did it wrong without actually taking into consideration the macronutrients I was consuming. It actually made me gain weight.

Balanced Habits taught me a different way to measure my meals.

I feel more comfortable with the decisions I make now about what to eat and how to approach food. I also understand I can enjoy all the foods I like as long as I do not go overboard or modify them.

My Food Coach Autumn was very understanding the times I didn’t follow everything perfectly. She helped me identify things that were not helping me and how to work through them in an organic way.

What I like most about BH is that it is all about a life change, not a diet. It is about improving our relationship with food and not seeing it as an enemy. They have very concrete steps to follow but can be applied to anyone.”


Are you ready take action and become an example of personal accountability and healthy lifestyle to the people in your life that you love?

If “yes,” Speak to a Coach Today

Yours in Health,
Balanced Habits

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