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THANK YOU for your mindshare last week!

The Webinar topic you selected is:

#5 Wellness, exercise is medicine and medical fitness (not the title, just the subject matter)

I don’t have the link yet, but it’s scheduled by Club Solutions Magazine for Tuesday October 20th at 12:00PM EST.

Mark your calendar!


Today about 25 of our partners launched it!

This Fall is the 39th installment of our 28-Day Balanced Habits™ Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program. Our positioning for participation is focused on developing a strong immunity through fitness and proper nutrition, making it an easy sale with consumers looking to stay healthy as communities begin opening back up.

I added this Immunity infographic for you to enjoy. Feel free to use it to explain the power of a strong immunity and how what you offer supports that. Click on the image.

To date, we have had over 85,000 people all across the US and Canada participate with this proven program that changes lives. We provide the necessary marketing, the customized program, the expert guidance and compliance of a R.D. and Nutritionist…Etc……all in a very streamlined and systematic way, making it easy to implement and find success for the business and consumer alike.

In the coming weeks the remaining partners will launch their program. Some in person, some virtually, and some a hybrid of the two methods.

Interested in testing out our program for yourself? We are open to that if you want in. For only $97 you can try us out, to see what you can accomplish. Just let Paul know when you schedule your call with him. Don’t delay! Things are getting under way now.

Cool Side-Note: This January 2021 will be a MASSIVE launch of our 40th installment of the 28-Day Balanced Habits™ Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program! We’re thinking of cash prizes, lots of national marketing buzz….and a whole lot of other exciting promotional “pizazz” to make this our biggest launch yet!


~ Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits