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Are you getting testimonials like this? Free Social Media marketing advertisements that do so much more than any stock photos you purchase.

When my husband and I owned our three clubs we called these “trustimonials,” and they were like GOLD!

If you don’t have a structured, scalable, proven, and practical nutrition program you can’t generate results like this.


Balanced Habits™ can help you.

NOW, more than ever, you have an opportunity to impact lives for deeper meaning than just “getting fit.” That’s the easy part. Nutrition is where people struggle the most. HELP THEM.

People finally understand that their HEALTH is the most important “thing” they have and they are looking to develop and protect it.

They need stress relief, structure, and a routine (that makes sense).



They need it to be easy.

They need a plan.

They need your help.

These are a few “trustimonials” we have collected from a couple of our partners, some from Facebook, and some from elective submission.

These are real people doing extraordinary things with the support of the Balanced Habits™ nutrition programs and the Food Coaches we Certified for our Authorized Balanced Habits™ Partner gyms.




Watch this 5-minute Video from my husband Paul. He explains how important it is to provide nutrition to your clientele and why Balanced Habits™ is here to support you with this endeavor.

~ To Your Health


Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits