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I’m working on a new Webinar for Club Solutions Magazine.

These are the 10 topics I’ve come up with to create a webinar around.

Do any of these topics jump out at you?

If yes, please let me know so I can decide and get to work!
The webinar will be offered by Club Solutions Magazine in October.


1. Virtual fitness

-If you didn’t jump onto this right when your club was closed down, now is the time to develop this type of programming. Not everyone will be ready to come back into your club. Having a virtual option, that you can monetize, just makes sense. Nutrition is perfect to sell and service virtually, providing you have a structured plan to offer. Two virtual profit centers? What a good business decision!

2. Outdoor fitness offerings

-An outdoor group class is a perfect compliment to a nutrition “challenge” or group-oriented nutrition program. Out-door fitness has always been an option, but in light of recent events, it became a necessity! Develop an on-going program to keep your services well rounded and inclusive.


3. Member re-engagement strategies

-A perfect way to re-engage with members is with a nutrition program; either a new one-on-one plan with a certified nutrition coach, or a community/group-oriented nutrition “event,” such as a challenge.


4. Cleaning and sanitizing best practices

-Everyone is going to be talking about how clean and sanitized their club is; give your community a deeper reason to trust you, such as that you used the time of your gym closure to educate your team, get them certified and now you are able to offer a proven nutrition solution to bolster their immunity to stay healthy! You now have everything in place to keep the immunity strong.


5. Wellness, exercise is medicine and medical fitness

-This is the future of fitness. A complete fitness club that can withstand a “non-essential” business closure will have a medical director and provide not only fitness services, but nutrition services as well. The 100% solution for your customer to obtain total wellness. The Healthcare Industry is looking to the Fitness Industry for partnerships and strategic alliances.


6. Rebounding/financial strategies

-Of course this will involve having multiple profit centers that are not reliant on in-person visits. Having a “Plan B” has never been more important. Formulating strategic alliances with partners who mutually benefit one another and serve the same customer.


7. Corporate wellness

-The pandemic has shed light on this increased opportunity to operate outside the four walls of your club. “Wellness” went from a “nice thing for a corporation to provide,” to a necessity to keep their work-force healthy and productive. However, in order to win these contracts it will be imperative to have more than just a fitness component. Having a structured, systematic and proven nutrition plan/program to incorporate will be essential to close these deals.


8. PR & communication as an industry

-Understanding how to speak to the community you serve is key to gain their trust. Understanding the pulse of a customer; what they’re thinking, what they need to know and why you’re valuable to them has always been important, but more-so today. How your brand presents itself right now, in this still uncertain climate, will entice or turn off a customer. Again, being the 100% solution to solve their problems will make your brand stand apart.


9. Forming partnerships with doctors/hospitals, etc.

-Again, the notion of strategic alliances should not be ignored. Health, fitness, wellness…they are all intertwined and formulating alliances with your local physicians, hospitals, healthcare workers, will ensure your brand is perceived as the leader, the authority, the “one” that can be trusted to take care of the community. This is a very smart move!


10. High-level leadership strategies

-By being a full-service fitness club in your community, providing everything your customer’s need to be 100% fit -n- healthy, you will become a leader in the community. And leaders aligning with other leaders is a notable strategy for your brand to be perceived as THE fitness club. Stand apart form your competitors by “stepping up” your image by offering everything your community needs to meet all their health and fitness goals.


Personal side-note

Yesterday, two of my three daughters gave birth to their first children! How crazy is that? They were due 2-weeks apart but they delivered on the same day. One boy and one girl grand baby.

My husband and I now have three grand-children that were all born within one year! We chose our names to be “Lolli & Pop” instead of grandma & grandpa 🙂

Life is indeed good.

~ Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits