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  1. Because 90% of people join a fitness club to lose weight
  2. Because people don’t have to exercise but they have to eat
  3. Because correcting this will solve your members pain
  4. Because people are willing to pay for this support (as evidenced below)
  5. Because the Weight loss Industry is on track to be 7x more profitable than the Fitness Industry in 2022 ($254.9 billion vs. $33 billion)
  6. Because providing transformations will give your club the USP (unique selling point/position) you need to set yourself apart from competitors
  7. Because nutritional offerings can be marketed to anyone – outside your normal fitness club promotions
  8. Because providing transformations will significantly improve retention

Partner with the company that has successfully been servicing the fitness industry for three decades. Instead of wasting time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own, consider what it would mean to build a new profit center without having to make one hire, or having to purchase any expensive inventory, or contract with an RD that hasn’t worked with a “well” population before. Start with the best and see for yourself the new revenue you can generate with little to no effort.

Nine Advantages of Outsourcing

The services being outsourced will likely include independent consultants or a company, meaning no added employment tax per payroll. No matter the size of the business, contracting out services, even core services, will allow the business to…

  1. Focus on core tasks
  2. Lower costs
  3. Promote growth
  4. Maintain operational control
  5. Offer staffing flexibility
  6. Provide continuity and risk management
  7. Develop internal staff
  8. Improve retention
  9. Increase non-dues revenues with little to no effort

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
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