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What an amazing response from last week’s email regarding outsourcing!

Clearly we touched on something that resonated with a lot of our readers.
The most common comment was “We just don’t have the bandwidth to provide everything our member’s want/need, so this is HUGE right now!”

We were hoping for that sort of “ah-ha” realization. As a fitness club owner-operator or GM, you want to provide all the services that your members want
but it can simply be overwhelming; especially something as massive as scalable-customized nutritional programming.

This is when outsourcing services really makes sense. And even better, your member’s won’t even realize that your partner, providing the service, isn’t a part of your immediate team. All they know is that you have everything they want to support their goals…..all under one roof. BAM!

Advantages of Outsourcing

The services being outsourced will likely include independent consultants or a company, meaning no added employment tax per payroll. No matter the size of the business, contracting out services, even core services, will allow the business to…

  1. Focus on core tasks
  2. Lower costs
  3. Promote growth
  4. Maintain operational control
  5. Offer staffing flexibility
  6. Provide continuity and risk management
  7. Develop internal staff
  8. Improve retention
  9. Increase non-dues revenues with little to no effort

April is well under way. I thought you might like to read our Partner Monthly Newsletter. This is an example of one of the monthly assets we provide our partners, or in your case, “Affiliate Outsourcing Partner.” Imagine having someone provide you with professional monthly content pieces each month for your immediate and prospective audience? Sounds like a big time saver to me!

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