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Here we go again…..

The state of California went back to an indoor mask mandate today for a month. Curious how people going back to wearing a mask in the gym will feel about that? What’s happening where you are?

Hopefully if this is occurring in your state or province, you have worked really hard since reopening to ensure your members view you as “essential” in their lives. If your main emphasis was on being essential to your member’s vs. how clean you’re keeping the gym, there’s a good chance you won’t be negatively affected by a new mask mandate…..or worse.

What does being “essential” to your members mean? -Being able to say you offer the:
100% solution to someone living a life of health & wellness.”

Fitness +
Nutrition +
Lifestyle Coaching =
Overall Health & Wellness = ESSENTIAL SERVICES.

We know you don’t want to take on a whole new profit center right now, although we also know you need one.

We know
 you are short on time, available funds, staffing, and at this time of the year…likely interest.

But, we also know that it’s indisputable that to be considered essential in the lives of your member’s, you simply must provide the 100% solution to what they need/want to be healthy.

You know2022 is 2-weeks away and we are sure you’d agree, people tend to be in a “transformational” mindset.

Watch this short video to learn a bit about the new Balanced Habits™.

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