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Are you in Survival mode or Growth mode?

Know Where You Stand.

Survival mode means cutting costs, laying off employees, tightening profit margins and saving cash. Instead of working on the business, you’re putting out little fires each day and although you feel busy, nothing of substance is actually getting done.

Conversely, Growth mode is defined as a cash flow positive business. You have recurring revenue that covers your bills (even before you’ve ever run marketing or made a new sale this month). Your members aren’t churning, but staying long-term, so each new member means growth for the business … not replacing cash you’ve lost from members quitting.

Growth mode is awesome and where you want to be as you finish 2021 and enter into a new year.

To learn how we can be a part of your growth mode and your proven nutrition solution, email me.

We completely know what you need as a fitness business right now more than ever.

Balanced Habits™ has met the moment and changed the way we’re doing business. We’d like a chance to tell you about it and the many benefits awaiting you, with very little effort.

Watch this short video to learn a bit about the new Balanced Habits™, then email me to discuss how we can help you with your growth mode for the new year just around the corner.

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
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