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After the webinar we presented, many people mentioned they have been on several of “these types of presentations lately, but none of them explained the behavior of the today’s consumer and how to address that, that was huge.”

At Balanced Habits™, we focus and study consumer behavior to be current with who exactly our fitness industry customers are and how to speak to them effectively.

No one will be going “back to normal,” and it’s imperative you understand how to address that. I’m not referring to the obvious removal of equipment or extreme cleanliness. Everyone will have to do that. That won’t to be enough to win back your members.

Link to “How to Virus Proof Your Club!”

You’re going to need a “hook” to get them back!

Think about ways you can be creative and stand out in what’s going to be a very noisy industry for quite a while. Fortunately the majority will be saying the same thing: “We will exceed recommendations from the CDC by ensuring our club is sanitized from top to bottom several times per day….” blah blah….boring.

With the services you offer today, what can you provide as a “hook” to get your members back? Even if they don’t come back physically for a while, is there anything you can still sell and service them in a meaningful way?

Please don’t just say “on-line workouts,” because everyone is doing that. There is nothing unique about that. Hello Jane Fonda??

What people want is someone to coach them back to health.

What can you offer with your current services to manage that task?

Listen to this offer!

Because Balanced Habits™ pivoted to meet the demands of this new world, we now are in the position to offer a Trial License” with Balanced Habits providing you the opportunity to test-drive the Balanced Habits™ 28-Day Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program without committing to a 12-month agreement.

What a great reason to bring your club community back and provide a customizable eating plan for your members for re-opening day. In-person or not…or a mixture.

*Hint: THIS is your “hook!”

Don’t delay making this decision, as this is a time-sensitive opportunity.

I hope you are hanging in there ok as we weather this storm. Stay strong. But most importantly stay healthy.

My new favorite quote:

The comeback is always stronger than the setback.



P.S., I’ll be sharing the 8 Actions Steps from the Webinar soon. We’re formatting that to share with your team.