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Friday, April 17th at 11:00AM EST

Balanced Habits™ will be presenting a Webinar called

“Virus Proofing” Your Club

for Club Solutions Magazine.

Here is the link to register.

I also thought you might like a new great Smoothie recipe for breakfast. Download Here

Webinar Description

From the unique perspective of an insider and vendor to every type (Big Box, Mid-range Club, Franchise, Boutique) of fitness club, this webinar is designed to demonstrate the ways we are a very vulnerable industry that must change how we’re currently doing business.

We will uncover the mistakes we’re making in the fitness industry and provide ideas with actionable steps how to overcome, grow and be less vulnerable in the future.

This “enemy” is an equal offender and has proven to every industry that they are not above its effects.

We can’t go back to “business as normal,” because our definition of normal has evolved and as an Industry, so do we.

Please make your new smoothie and head on over to your computer this Friday morning.

Register here

I hope you are hanging in there ok as we weather this storm. Stay strong. But most importantly stay healthy.

We’ll get through this, ideally better than before.