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You may have heard this metaphor before; “We’re all in the same boat.

More like we’re all in the same storm, but our boats are hardly the same.

Depending on what material your boat was built with, says a lot about what’s happening to the boat today. If the foundation wasn’t solid before the storm, the boat will likely sink, whereas boats that were strong going in will make it back to the dock almost unscathed.

According to Warren Buffet….

What’s occurring today is just another part of doing business. “Interruptions” are a part of every day life. Companies world-wide were caught more than “off-guard” with this radical interruption that has affected the economy and life so deeply.

The big “wake-up call” going forward is to plan and prepare for anything…now that we know. What lessons have we learned? That should take the rest of 2020 to figure out, and the boats with the sturdy foundations will teach us all.

The new world is slowly being reopened; albeit very differently than before.

Just like TSA-regulated check points became the new way we travel after another radical “interruption,” we will have different new ways to navigate everything we do from this day forward. That’s just a simple fact.


Think of this an a redo, vs. a setback. Consider these challenges we’re being faced with as opportunities and tackle them head on.


Sadly there will be many-many boats that sink. There will be more opportunity due to this. Put in the work to solidify your boat’s foundation stronger than it was pre-pandemic.

Take this time to reinvent areas you were weak… that you know.

A solid opportunity for consideration


Because Balanced Habits™ reinvented what we do, we are now in the position to offer a 3-Month Trail Balanced Habits™ License, providing you an opportunity to test-drive our Balanced Habits™ 28-Day Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program for your members and community….in addition to countless perks ensuring your success.

This is an excellent way to nurture your community back in your doors, while supporting them in an area they really need your help with: EATING.

The last day to solidify this opportunity is Friday May 1st!

(we’re on a deadline to take advantage of this important moment in time)

I hope you are hanging in there ok as we all weather this storm. May your boat stay afloat.

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow that you want.




P.S., Here are the 8-Actions Steps mentioned from the Webinar.