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“You do what you can for as long as you can. And when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing.
You back up but you don’t give up”
–Chuck Yeager

How will I know?
Will it be obvious or will someone have to point it out?
Will it be painful or a relief?
What will I do next?

These are questions that I assume an entrepreneur would ask themselves when things are so difficult they’re contemplating closing, selling or breaking free from their business. It doesn’t mean they’re quitting. It means they’ve decided “it” isn’t working anymore or it’s simply time to move on. If the goal isn’t relevant anymore or if the passion for the goal has dimmed, there is power in moving on. Definitely not the same thing as quitting.

The feelings above parallel the end of any relationship or break-up, which makes sense when you consider the life of an entrepreneur as someone who built something from the ground up or with a “labor of love,” as they say.

Have you been experiencing any of these feelings or asking yourself any of the above questions? During the past few years it would make sense if you did. I know I have.

My passion has been tested time and time again by the circumstances we’ve been faced with as a company. However, my passion for what I am doing to positively affect society has NOT dimmed in the least.

As an entrepreneur, my strength and fortitude is tested on an almost daily basis. And there are plenty of days that cause me to question how much I can personally manage. But I simply do not have it in me to give up. It would be painful and although initially it might bring me relief, knowing that I gave up on my goal of positively affecting people’s health I would not know how to go forwardWhat Balanced Habits provides other entrepreneurs and the communities they serve is too important.

I sincerely hope you’re doing well and not experiencing any of the above mentioned questions with your company. If you are, I am here for you. I’m a great listener.

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