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Do not judge me by my successes,
judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.
–Chuck Yeager

Would you consider yourself an overnight success?

Is that even a thing? I guess in the entertainment world that might be a thing, although I highly doubt it’s accurate. Unless you’ve done the work, laid a solid foundation, true success and longevity are highly unlikely.

For instance, I founded Balanced Habits™ in 2013, although I began laying the foundation for the company in 1998. It took me that long to build something as scalable, solid and fail proof as it was by the time we founded the actual company. And to be totally transparent, there were many course corrections along the way to today. The business model we began with in 2013 shifted more than once in response to what the market needed or wanted. We did a full re-brand, contemplated franchising, broke through several glass ceilings, changed to a revenue share only model-and back, hired and fired a few “posers,” and yet here we are today….still plugging away.

Balanced Habits™ is far from an overnight success is what I am trying to point out.
We have had some true success and we have failed at a few things too. BUT, we always got back up and moved ahead with our heads held up high and learning from the lessons the experiences provided.

Don’t judge anyone (or yourself) by what perceived “success” looks like from the outside. Dig in and learn what their foundation looks like. Is it solid enough to be successful for the long run or just for today? Refer to the quote above from Nelson Mandela.
That’s the sign of success IMHO.

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