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For the past 3 years…

No doubt you’ve read of my desire to bridge the fitness and healthcare industries. You might also know that I am passionate about creating meaningful relationships with my peers. I’ve found something that will be incredibly beneficial to you, your business and the community you serve.

I can’t wait to share this…. Please continue reading!


Together with a good friend, Lawrence Furia of Shared Vision LLC, we’ve partnered with Renew Active, an OPTUM/UnitedHealth Senior’s Fitness Program.

You might be familiar with SilverSneakers?

Renew Active is similar, although more comprehensive, financially incentivized, and by volume of customers a more robust program overall.

FIVE million Senior’s, 65 and older with their AARP, Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Advantage Programs will have access to the Renew Active premium network. (Meaning lots more new member’s for you 🙂


Renew Active is looking to tap into smaller, family-oriented fitness clubs, which is why they reached out to Balanced Habits™, knowing that these types of clubs are who we have chosen to partner with and have access to. Eventually of course the goal is to tie Balanced Habits™ into the the mix, but for now this is a great first step!

It might sound too good to be true, but please trust me that this is 100% legitimate and the time is NOW to jump onto this opportunity.

Interested in getting your location on this list?

Don’t delay! Renew Active is very motivated to partner with locations exactly like yours. You have NOTHING to lose and A LOT to gain by this exciting opportunity…and who couldn’t use a positive opportunity today???

If you’re thinking, this isn’t “your market, your target customer…etc.” we should discuss this opportunity before you make any decisions you might regret. Let me tell you what it could mean to you, your business and your future.

Email carolyn@balancedhabits and we can get you scheduled on a call with Mr. Furia to learn how you can not only earn a sweet bonus signing incentive, but also learn what rates you could expect for new member’s being sent to join your club.



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