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I hope this image makes you feel cool as you read this blog 🙂


What’s going right for you today?

We all have blessings we can count.

Mine include one boy & one girl grand baby coming within the next few weeks!


Speaking of blessings….

The world is sort of healing. The contagion rates have decreased, consumer confidence is improving, most businesses have reopened, and although we may never go back to “normal,” things are starting to feel a bit more reliable as we plow through summer and head into the fall months.

The NY Times created this incredible video that just dropped. Have you seen it yet? The video was created by Kim Gehrig and Droga5 and built into a poem using current headlines from the NY Times. The goal is to reflect society and how the newspaper can guide you through it (life). Pretty cool, eh?

I want to share a short story with you.

My son opened his first PT Studio in SoCal in January ’20. They were closed by the governor in March ’20. They were allowed to re-open in June ’20 only to be shut down two weeks later. He is still closed today.

Although, here is what he just said to me yesterday when I asked him how they were doing:

“We were lucky to have the head start we had when we opened with the number of clients that immediately came onboard. Our following has grown even tighter amidst this. (because he immediately pivoted and build a virtual presence)

We need to really blow Q4 out of the water to not be financially susceptible in Q1 of 2021 when all of our clients contracts roll-over. I’m not losing sleep over it, but it’s big time on my radar for sure.”

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, right?

I am so proud of his optimism.

Do you still possess that type of optimism? I sure hope so!


Optimism I want to share with you today…

The expertise, information and services you provide your community are all invaluable and important. You have built a company and brand you can be proud of. You will get back on your feet. You have learned many lessons this past 5-months that will allow your company to operate more efficiently & effectively from this point forward. You have grown and stretched yourself as an entrepreneur. You will CRUSH Q4 2020 and start Q1 2021 stronger, smarter and more prepared than ever before.

Balanced Habits™ thanks you for serving humanity in the ways that you do. We are honored to be in the same industry with you, as together we positively influence people to live healthier lives.

Now we’re all in the same boat, rowing in one direction as we steer those we serve to stay fit & healthy with the gifts we provide them.

Stay positive. Stay strong. But most importantly, always stay optimistic.

If you have not added a system of nutrition to your services, we’d like to support you with that. Please schedule a call.