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Oops, Balanced Habits™ went and ruffled some feathers this week with an R.D. from the VA (Veteran’s Administration)…..we can have that effect on people sometimes. Sorry. Not Sorry.


For Review: This R.D.’s client is 75 years young, pre diabetic, 315 lbs., and not what we’d consider a specimen of good health. Although we “completely messed him up” these past 2-weeks and now she’s going to have to “start all over with him.” Mmmmm- (me, scratching my head) Maybe someone feels a bit threatened?

By Balanced Habits™ creating a customized eating program that relies on real food, providing per meal/per day balanced macronutrient grams to shoot for, offering weekly check-ins, requesting he journals each day, encouraging him to move his body, asking him to consume enough water that his urine is nearly clear, suggesting he sleeps 7 hours per night….and he has been compliant, we messed him up??? Interesting logic.

Guess what? WE. DON’T. CARE.

Because the club where he is a participant is 100% legally compliant due to the partnership with Balanced Habits™ and our Authorized Board of our RDN, Nutritionists, Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coaches.

This provides a safety net to work with this gentleman who was getting such great results from his R.D. at the VA, that he felt it necessary to try a 28-Day program at his local fitness club. ha ha


Providing a nutrition component to your fitness services is the most logical step you can take to raise much needed revenue, allow someone else to do the heavy lifting so you can simply service and transform your community with our no-nonsense and practical programming.

Begin to rebuild your business immediately by having a Fall 2020 28-Day Community event that can scale to countless people who NEED YOUR HELP right now more than ever.

We have one more week and one more trial partnership we can fill. This is a time-sensitive offer, so do not delay. You need a full 90-days to do this right from start to finish.

Our most recent editorial contribution for Club Solutions Magazine came out today. Are you aware that there are some protective measures you can put into place to safe-guard your club from mandatory closures in the future? Read about it here.

Balanced Habits™ is on the cusp of aligning with the healthcare industry. Full-Service clubs will most likely be considered “essential businesses” in future legislation. Stay tuned.



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