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Pretty sure we can agree that today, in most industries, multiple, contributing profit centers are a must to not only survive, but leverage in ways we are only now understanding are necessary.

When you get to re-open, or if you have re-opened, I’m hoping you’ll be doing some personal reflection with what you were offering, what you were able to maintain and what needs to change in your future for a better outcome.

In the Fitness Industry, most clubs have the same profit centers…but are they really?? Let’s examine this a bit.


Personal Training – most definitely if done right. Can retain at least partial revenue even if your doors are closed. The total revenue of the personal training industry tops $10 billion and the industry is expected to grow. Indeed a true profit center.

Supplements – initially and some recurring revenue but a profit center? The hard part is having to carry inventory and hope it sells. Potentially some, but not significant profit; closed doors or not.

Smoothie Bar – possibly brings in a bit of profit, but costs more to run in the long run. Not a true profit center.

Branded Apparel – it’s cool to see your logo around your community, but a true profit center? Not a true profit center.

Nutrition Services – most definitely if done right. Contributing revenue even if your doors are closed. Annual revenues worldwide are at $122 billion and continues to grow. Much of this growth has been driven by an increase in consumer demand for health and wellness services and products. Indeed a true profit center.


Jospeh Weiss, president of Nutrition 21 LLC in Purchase, NY pointed out recently that COVID-19 will allow companies to have an opportunity to become a better version of themselves. He says, “it’s sort of like an open-enrollment period for brand rediscovery. But lets just do it right.”

Meaning, we have an opportunity to re-imagine how we position our brands in front of the communities we serve. Although we have challenges ahead for recapturing our market, we also have a new opportunity to utilize needs-based, or solutions-based marketing strategies, which is not the same as brand marketing.

Between excellent fitness and nutrition services we can influence our community in ways we never utilized in the past simply through how we market what we provide: SOLUTIONS.

We just need to do it right, like Mr. Weiss so brilliantly pointed out.



You have the perfect opportunity to reimagine how you were doing business. Off-load “profit centers” in disguise and put all your energy and effort into true profit centers that actually generate significant revenue if your doors are open OR CLOSED.

Consider the pulse of your community. What are they searching for? Beside their health, fitness and solutions, they are searching for someone they feel they can trust to take care of them. Someone who will stand by them even when the world closes it’s doors. Do you provide that?

You simply cannot put this off any longer. The two significant profit centers you need are Personal Training and Nutrition Programming.

It’s that simple. You need both.

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