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Marketing messages have such a short shelf life!

“During these uncertain times.” “Together we are stronger.” “Your safety is our number one priority.” “Meeting CDC Standards.” “We’re all in this together.” ………blah, blah, blah…..outdated already.

Ahhhh, those were “the good old days!” haha

Of course, it makes sense to be aware of speaking to today’s audience, but when everyone is saying the same thing, consumers tune out pretty quickly.

Images however can say a lot without words. Like this fun mariachi playing taco image.


Lets play a game today. With this image above, what am I selling?

A. A Taco B. Mariachi’s C. An Experience (answer below)

While I am the CEO and Creator of Balanced Habits™, I have learned a thing or ten about marketing and what it takes to get a consumer’s attention and their buy-in.

No matter what you’re selling, these are the points you must flesh out

WHO am I speaking to?? WHAT is the point of creating this?? WHY is this important?? HOW do I want to communicate this? What’s the tone?? How do I want the intended audience to feel when they read this?? WHAT do I want the audience to do when they read this?

-the answer is An Experience (I’m a taco. Let’s have fun, be happy and dance!)

With our Balanced Habits™ nutrition programs we intentionally skim over the features of our programs with our marketing efforts because, well….they’re BORING!

There is nothing sexy or remotely interesting with; “We will provide family-friendly recipes, seasonal menus, complete grocery lists, and a community of like minded people. Please do our program!”

Of course we do provide these things, but my potential consumer only wants to know how my program is going to help them reach their goal.

They don’t care about the features, they just want the benefits.

We put a lot of emphasis on images that say more than words possibly can. Our potential consumers want to see what life could be like if they achieved the goal. One of our slogans is literally, “What would your life look like if……”

That’s a powerful suggestion.

Club Solutions Magazine asked Balanced Habits™ to provide three nutrition-related tips for the Fitness Industry to consider regarding nutrition programming. Since I’ve been providing nutrition programming in the fitness industry for nearly three decades, this was a simple task and exactly what shaped this company.

We provide a plan. We learn the customer’s goal. We keep it simple.

That’s how we’ve supported nearly 200,000 people to live a higher quality of life.

Right now, people are hyper aware of their health.

The last time I can personally remember this was in ’08 when we were enduring the recession. And although people weren’t losing their lives to an invisible virus, they were suffering in countless other ways that resulted in placing a higher priority on their health.

My husband and I had two fitness clubs at the time. We completely re-wrote our Nutrition Programming Playbook to reflect a new customer; much like we’ve just done again for our Balanced Habits™ Partners.

While we have the same consumer pool to sell to, we have created a different set of plays to sell our nutrition programming. I expect you’ll be doing that with your fitness memberships/services too. Those same customers we were selling to in Jan.- Feb. have developed a totally new mindset, meaning we need to change how we speak to them.

Re-sell who, what, why, and how you are going to provide for these people.

Sell the EXPERIENCE. Sell the SOLUTION. Sell the OUTCOME.

Remember, benefits over features.

In today’s Fitness Industry, we cannot contemplate providing a solid nutrition solution any longer.

Sadly, there’s better than a good chance you won’t get 100% of your fitness members back.

You need something else to sell them, keeping them in your orbit.

DO NOT put this off any longer.