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You really don’t want to miss out on this. You just don’t.


I’ve found something that will be incredibly beneficial to you, your business and the community you serve. This blog post has nothing to do with Balanced Habits™ other than we nominated your club for this opportunity. Please keep reading.

My goal is to get you signed on ASAP to take advantage of this opportunity with Renew Active, an OPTUM/UnitedHealth Senior’s Fitness Program, who I have aligned myself and company with through my friend, Larry Furia of Shared Vision LLC.

The program doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 1, 2021, so even if your club is not open yet or at limited capacity, it’s all good!

Renew Active is looking to tap into smaller premiere fitness clubs for their Premiere Senior Program. They want to know their senior’s are being well taken care of, which is why they are looking to align with your club.

Imagine that 8.8 million Senior’s, 65 and older will have access to the Renew Active premium network and they’ll be looking for a fitness club to call their home. Open Enrollment begins Oct. 15th, 2020 and eligible senior’s are going to start picking their home-club. Get signed up and on their list for selection.

HighlightsRenew Active pays the highest rates in the industry. They’re also offering a $1,000.00 signing bonus (per location!). They can easily generate 100 – 200 new members by the end of 2021 for your club. That could mean roughly $8,000 – $10,000 of new revenue per month to your club!

The best part? (it gets better???) you have the ability to up-sell these new member’s to your other services! Training packages, virtual workouts, nutrition services, additional classes, stretching programs….etc.

Is there a downside?? None that I can see and I went to bat for you before I signed on to bring this to your attention.


Interested in getting your location on this list?

If you’re thinking, this isn’t “your market, your target customer…etc.” we should discuss this opportunity before you make any decisions you might regret. Don’t exclude such a huge % of the nation’s population because they don’t fit your original club avatar model. Being inclusive could mean great things for your club.

Schedule a call with my friend, Larry Furia to learn what this could mean to the future of your club. But don’t wait.