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A crew team and optimizing outcomes

Coach = CEO

Coxswain = GM

Stroke = Team Leader

Rowers = Team Members

Got it? Let’s expand.

I was the Stroke (Team Leader).
The person facing me was my Coxswain (GM). She and the Coach (CEO) devised a winning race strategy. The coxswain used her vision to get our boat across the finish line first. I set the cadence for my rowers (Team Members), based on her vision, executing the desired outcomeIt was awesome!

Here I am as a baby. Then I grew up and became a business owner; meaning I became the Coach (CEO). Obvisouly lots of stuff happened in the middle of all that, but lessons were learned and I applied the exact same logic from my college-crew days to my CEO-adulting days.

Have you ever built a totally new profit center?

You had an amazing idea. You developed a vision for what success looked like.

Then what did you do? You got to work! Did you do it all alone or did you enroll others in your vision and goal for the outcome? This is really important to consider, as it could (or did) mean all the difference between total success or total failure.

At Balanced Habits we’re paying a ton of attention to this as a profit center for fitness clubs. We know we need to play a part of how we’re rolled out with our new partners.

Because unless every team member is rowing the boat in the same direction, a successful outcome is difficult at best.

Someone needs to be the Team Leader and that isn’t the role of a busy CEO, or maybe not even the GM. You might need to build a Team Leader from within.

How do you find the right leader to grow the new profit center and get the outcomes you desire?

We’ve got a great webinar coming up 10/10/19 for Club Solutions Magazine dedicated exclusively to this topic

From our own experience building three rock star teams for our fitness businesses and another for Balanced Habits, we’ve got some excellent information to share. Please join us! Register here.

It doesn’t matter what the profit center is, these principles apply the same way.

We can impact your business by adding a new profit center complete with all the tools and support to do it RIGHT. 

We have the solution to this conundrum.

Download this new report today and finish out 2019 strong!

We’re ready for you.

See you on the Webinar on 10/10/19 at 2:30 PM EST

Head BH Coach, Carolyn

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