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What do you value?

As a consumer, we all look at things differently. Although when relaying what we value to others, it’s typically a description of our experience. How you valued your interaction, or consumption of whatever it was. Think back on a recent dining out experience. It’s highly likely the food was almost secondary to the experience; in terms of what you valued.

I once wrote about how 5-Star Businesses (fine dining, resort-like hotels, high-end automobile companies…etc.) all have this concept so dialed in.

I went on to point out that if a Fitness Club could behave similarly, business could really shift course. I still see that as a concept that should not be dismissed nor ignored.

What would you pay for something you valued?

Pretty much anything, right? If something or someone was meeting your needs, cost becomes almost irrelevant and you’re happy to spend your hard earned money. Once again, I still see that as a concept that should not be dismissed nor ignored.

In a fitness club setting, you are in an excellent position to capture this mindset. Unlike you going to your customers to sell, they are already coming to you to buy.

What can you sell the customers you already have to create more value from their experience with your club?

Figure this out and Q4 2019 will be your best quarter yet!

Create tremendous value for current members, improving outcomes for everyone; customer, team member, and business. Then go get more members and blow their minds!

What would happen? Higher Client Spend. Improved Client Retention. Reduced Customer Churn.

With roughly 40% of Americans & 21% Canadians are identified as dealing with obesity, the need is very real. Exercise alone cannot solve this health crisis.

People do not have to exercise but they do have to eat food. Teach them how to do both and develop a lifestyle approach.

You could potentially and very realistically save a lifeor many lives over time.

What you need to do is act.

And if you act before the end of the year not only can you get to work saving lives you can also experience significant tax advantages for investing in your business through purchases of equipment, software, certifications, and of course new profit centers like Balanced Habits, which happens to be a great tax write-off. If you care about things like this…haha.

We can impact your business by adding a new profit center complete with all the tools and support to do it RIGHT. 

We have the solution to this conundrum.

Download this new report today and finish out 2019 strong!

Head BH Coach, Carolyn

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