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What’s the Biggest Bang for Your Buck in 2020?

New Line of Equipment? Fresh Paint? New Group Fitness Classes? Smoothie Bar? Childcare? New Hire to Develop New Department? Invest in the Team?…

So many decisions….. Start here:

1. What do you want to be known for, as a company in your community? –Your business Unique Selling Position (USP)

2. As a business what are your priorities for this new year? -Key Performance Index (KPIs) and Metrics should be a consideration when defining priorities

Once you figure out those two things, the rest will come together.

USPWhat are you currently know for as a company? List the things you see as highlights of what you offer your community. Is there anything on this list that NONE of your competition offers? If the answer is no, you’ve easily discovered what you can set as Priority #1 for 2020. Congratulations, now get to work.

PrioritiesIdeally you have a team to discuss what, as a company, you feel is important to focus on each year. It’s not always about increasing profits, but in most cases it is.

“As the CEO, I’d like to increase monthly revenues, add a new team leader, and stand out more within our community. We have $50,000 to invest into the business this year, where do we want to spend that money to reach these priorities?”

Conversations built around objectives and strategies to grow the business and improve the existing business to operate more efficiently tend to take place at the end of Q4 or early Q1.

Balanced Habits™ is busiest in mid-Q1

That’s when people (our future partners) realize partnering in business propels them faster than they could do it on their own. We partner with strong fitness clubs focused on growth.

To date we have worked with over 150 different clubs all across the US and Canada that were ready to take their company to the next level of success.

No two clubs are exactly alike, nor are their communities, but they share one thing in common: They all have “a strong desire to support people to live a higher quality of life,” which coincidentally happens to be Balanced Habits’ Mission statement.

NOW is the time to get serious about 2020, not in Q2. Don’t put it off again. Your community wants you to solve all their health & wellness difficulties, not just fitness. Be a problem solver. Be a hero in your community. Provide the 100% solution under your one roof.

We have a few partnerships still available this quarter. If you’re serious about partnering with a company that will improve your USP, KPIs and Metrics, schedule a call with us today.