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*OK, hang in here with me on this theme, there is a point to it!

You might be aware that this past Monday was the day Orthodox Christians celebrated the baptism of Jesus Christ with an Epiphany Ceremony.

First time I have heard of such a thing, and a totally new meaning to the word “epiphany” compared to what I used it for. I always thought an “epiphany” was like having a random “ah-ha moment!” Nope, in this case an epiphany ceremony is by tradition, when a bunch of people plunge into the water looking for the crucifixes tossed in by priest. Whoever finds the wooden cross will be freed from evil spirits and will be healthy thought the year. Who knew???

It pays to read the newspaper to learn new things. haha

FYI, also on this day, Pope Francis gave an Epiphany homily that encouraged people to focus on serving others, not themselves.

That’s a sentiment I can stand behind. The stomping on the rocky riverbed and diving into freezing cold water…not so much.

What does that have to do with this email or anything for that matter?

Great question!

It’s the Pope’s homily that inspired my writing today.

As Entrepreneurs, we tend to be so focused on running the business, we often times forget that we are serving others.

That might be a great goal for 2020 to work on.

Balanced Habits™ was formulated in 2013 and it appears we might finally be explaining what we do and how we serve the fitness industry properly! This has always been our biggest challengeexplaining who we are and how we serve the industry.

And we want to serve more of you!

As I explain more in-depth in this piece published by Club Solutions Magazine, it’s a Win-Win! to include a nutrition solution with your clubs services. There’s zero downside to giving your customers what they want.


Start 2020 off right.

EXCITING OFFER: All new partners we sign on in January 2020 will receive a complimentary customized Landing Page to instantly drive leads your way. We’ll even host and maintain it for you to ensure it’s always speaking to your customers with the most relevant and up-to-date images & copy.

Ready to start serving your community in all things health & wellness? Fitness + Nutrition is the only way to do that.