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Business Secrets? Do tell!

As an entrepreneur you’ve learned many lessons over time. Maybe you’ve made a mistake or two. Hopefully you’ve had more wins than losses! Growth can be as difficult as it is exciting as you break through one glass ceiling after the next.

We are already almost one month into the new year. Have you defined your business priorities and gotten your team on board to support you in realizing them?

Don’t tackle everything by yourself or all at once. Focus one thing at a time, in order of priority. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed…it happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to.

Ready for those four business secrets I teased you with?

Key I have had a business coach since the day I became an entrepreneur. Like I paid him before I paid myself.


As an entrepreneur you need a clear vision of who you are as a company, how you want others to view your company, and how you want your company to grow. Continually challenge your vision to ensure it’s accurate.


Without honesty, the community you serve will not trust you and you will fail in business. You don’t usually get more than one chance to get this right. This goes for how you interact with your team too. Always lead with an honest heart and mind.


Being gracious means you appreciate that your community trusts you and is willing to spend their hard earned money on what you provide them. Show gratitude daily.


When you’re adaptive, you’re always willing to grow and change. You understand that industry preferences evolve. Being adaptive allows you to speak from a position of authority and experience. Adapt each day so the community you serve sees you as relevant.

My former business coach taught me a lot but he didn’t share these important secrets with me…I had to realize them for myself and I hope that by sharing them with you today, you will benefit.

Now that you know my secrets, I think it’s only fair we get to know one another on a deeper level.

I built Balanced Habits™ (selfishly) to serve as many people as I could in the USA and Canada to live a higher quality of life through proper nutrition. I needed more boots on the ground to spread the word of how to eat real food, in the right portions for ridiculous results.

In short, I need more of you. What can I do to convince you that you would benefit from a partnership with Balanced Habits™?

NOW is the time to get serious about 2020, not in Q2. Don’t put it off again. Your community wants you to solve all their health & wellness difficulties, not just fitness. Be a problem solver. Be a hero in your community. Provide the 100% solution under your one roof.

We have a few partnerships still available this quarter. If you’re serious about partnering with a company that is willing to share their business secrets with you, you should for sure schedule a call with us today.