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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s adulting on steroids.

Being a CEO isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s bossing on caffeine.

Being both at the same time is just plain crazy town.

Wherever you fall into this mix, this email is directed to you.

In any of the above cases, you are ideally passionate about what you have to offer the world. At some point you had such a strong feeling or calling that you were compelled into action, putting yourself out there to provide something that you believed people would pay for.

That something might be a service, a product, information, or some type of expertise; all of which would benefit or change someone’s life. Bravo!

Now that we’ve cleared that up….

Are you offering your past, present and future customers what they want or what you want to sell them? Is it enough to address the current mindset of your customer?

Think about that.

Since March, people have become acutely aware of their health. And thankfully, as it turns out, you are in the right field to speak to this awareness.

Re-examine your offer. Will it solve the problems your customers have? Can you say with complete confidence you have everything your customers need (under one roof) to reach their total health goal?

Fitness goal for sure, but total health goafor the person who is suddenly hyper aware of their health?

Packaging your offerings as THE solution to a problem is how the fitness club of the future operates. Clubs that try to solve every problem with “X number of workouts per week” or just a fitness membership will die a slow death.

Think about that too.

When you have everything your customers need, you can paint a picture with your offer.

The pain of staying where they are. That pain is costing them more emotionally, physically and financially fall due to inaction.

Your offer must be so good, so compelling, so irresistible, they have no choice but to say yes.

Paint THAT picture for them.

But you need to offer everything to be able to solve the problem. Fitness + Nutrition services.


It’s time to reinvent your business to be stronger & better.

You have SO MUCH opportunity in front of you, like right now.


Solve your customers problems.

You need it. They deserve it.


Balanced Habits™ has everything you need. Together we WILL provide what your customers want and we’ll also create a completely new revenue stream that I am guessing you probably need now more than ever.

We were created in the fitness industry to serve the fitness industry. We know what you need to be successful. We know what your team needs to be successful. We know what your customers need to be successful.

And we provide it all.

Let’s rebuild your fitness business together. The opportunity is now.





Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits