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Because it’s pertinent, I’m going to spill the secret right out of the gate.

You have to love your customers. Like really-really love them.

You have to provide what your customers need to be successful, not just provide what you want to give.

Does that make sense?

Your customers won’t achieve their goals with fitness services alone.

With that in mind, if you really love your customers you’re providing not only solid fitness options but also a nutrition solution focusing on real food that creates ridiculous results. Which happens to create raving fans.

Raving fans that thank YOU for loving them enough to provide the solutions they wanted. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check this out:

Monday night (6/29) the State of AZ shut down their fitness clubs again.

I wanted to brag a bit about a fitness club (3 locations) that decided TODAY, the day after they were shut down for the second time, to become a Balanced Habits™ partner.

During the last shut-down they took that opportunity to remodel. And during this shut-down, these Rock Stars are taking this opportunity to get their teams certified and prepared to offer our Fall 28-Day Balanced Habits™ Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program (community/group) and LIFE (one-on-one) programs for their customers whom they happen to love.

In their words“Ahhh! We need you so much! Why are we just now learning that you exist?”

The writing is on the wall folks. The business you had in February is never going to be the same.

It’s go-time to reinvent your business to be stronger & better.

As I’ve been mentioning, you have SO MUCH opportunity in front of you right now. This is a new world and you’re in the position to be more successful than you were.

LOVE your customers. Give them what they want.

This business that you have is really all about them. Because, face it, without them you have nothing. What. Do. They. Want?

Solve your customers problems.

You need it. They deserve it.

Balanced Habits™ has everything you need. Together we WILL provide what your customers want and we’ll also create stupid amounts of money that I am guessing you probably need now more than ever.

We were created in the fitness industry to serve the fitness industry. We know what you need to be successful. We know what your team needs to be successful. We know what your customers need to be successful.

And we provide it all.

Let’s rebuild your fitness business together. The opportunity is now.


Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits