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Gym owners have taken big hits this year and with the uncertainty of the upcoming months, new profit centers and virtual programming are not just nice bonuses; they are a lifeline. Stacey Knoebel, the owner of two Snap Fitness franchises in Wisconsin has discovered the potential of Balanced Habits turn-key nutrition programming with improved sales and sees her business only getting stronger in the future. 

This is what Stacey had to say 

“I’ve struggled to learn “baptism by fire” since we took over our clubs in July 2016. Although we are part of a franchise system, we’ve struggled to gain and retain the membership and personal training numbers we need to see for success. I knew we were missing something.  The mandated closures left us wondering if we’d be able to survive and even reopen at all. We lost many members pior to closing.

I knew we needed a nutrition option for our members long ago, and last year I invested in Balanced Habits. I didn’t realize that I’d also have access to Paul’s sales training which I wholeheartedly delved into. Paul helped me tweak the “auto closer” to match what I am wanting to do at our clubs. He is working with my team and myself to teach us how to sell properly so we actually give people the help they don’t even realize they need. All of this is help us to gain confidence in our sales abilities and move forward to start recovering from the mandated closures. I’m projecting we’ll actually flourish and our comeback will be WAY stronger than the setback.”

Stacey Knoebel
Owner, Snap Fitness 24/7
Hudson & Roberts, WI
Certified Balanced Habits Nutrition Coach

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