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What does being healthy look like?

Understanding your motivation for weight loss and improving your health is the first step in developing a customized plan. Here’s an in-depth look as to how we define what healthy looks like to us.
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balanced macronutrient meal to lose weight the healthy way

Unlike quick fix or one-size-fits-all weight loss and nutrition programs,

Balanced Habits is the only one that creates customized plans, and delivers food coaching based on your unique lifestyle so that you can learn how to lose weight the healthy way.

What others have been saying…

Monica’s On-going Journey

I truly believe the Balance Habits lifestyle will be sustainable for the rest of my life. There is a bit of a learning curve to start. My results have been so encouraging. – read more – “Monica’s On-going Journey”

Monica Mueller

Michelle’s Balanced Habits Journey

I most certainly would this is a awesome program loved it. The key is to really stick with it trust me this really works.
– read more – “Michelle’s Balanced Habits Journey”

Michelle DeBow

Sandy’s 3-Month Results say it all!

At LifeWorks South West General Hospital in Ohio, both Becky and Katy were responsive to emails and questions. They were supportive. And Carolyn, from Balanced Habits™ HQ was also supportive to problems, with solutions – and support along the way. – read more – “Sandy’s 3-Month Results say it all!”

Sandy Berglund

Angela’s 3-Month LIFE Journey with Balanced Habits

Carolyn set it clear for me…we can all do it. Our bodies all work the same (excluding if you have some medical issue that would cause it not
to be) and if you put the right foods into it, exercise, and control when you eat, your body can be its own little fat burning machine. I’m proof it works! I can honestly say that my body changed in ways I didn’t expect, and it’s motivating me to keep sticking with it. – read more – “Angela’s 3-Month LIFE Journey with Balanced Habits”

Angela Vannucci
Sales Rep

How Jeff’s Journey is Going

I would definitely recommend Balanced Habits to others and am already doing so when I get the question of “What are you doing to look so good ?” I tell them I decided to get informed about meals, foods, and the impact they have on my lifestyle. Anyone looking for a long term, sustainable lifestyle with regard to nourishing their body, eating every day foods in the correct quantity, they should look into Balanced Habits. – read more – “How Jeff’s Journey is Going”

Jeff McFadden

Brian Thurston

If you are serious about changing your life and your look, the ONLY way to ensure long term success is a program that you can adapt and use for life otherwise in no time you will be back where you started or worse. – read more – “Brian Thurston”

Brian Thurston
Field and Stream Magazine | CEO
balanced mexican bowl to lose weight the healthy way
Balanced Habits™ programs are accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
healthy weight loss plan accredited by NASM
Founded in 2013 by former gym owners Carolyn & Paul Fetters, Balanced Habits™ provided a way to make a bigger and more permanent impact on the health of their gym members. Their philosophy behind weight management focuses on empowering people by providing the knowledge, tools, and live personal support to achieve long-term success. Designed with the support of Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Diabetes Specialists, and Fitness Life-Skill Experts, Balanced Habits™ is a nationally accredited program that has supported nearly 200,000+ clients to reach their goals throughout North America so they can manage their weight the healthy way.

“Our goal is simple, to help you reach yours.”

Balanced Habits™ Affiliates & Partnerships
We owe much of our success to the many small businesses who have chosen to empower their communities with genuine and effective nutrition and health solutions. Check out the programs and specials provided by our Nutrition Affiliates and Partnerships.

Rewriting the Story of You

A Special Message from Balanced Habits Founder Carolyn Fetters