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Life Transformation Begins with Healthy Nutrition Habits

Balanced Habits helps individuals improve their overall quality of life through customized nutrition guidance.  Located in 100+ locations throughout North America, we have helped over 125,000 reach their goals. Let us connect you with a network of professional food coaches to help transform your body from the inside out.

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Why Balanced Habits will work for you

Our mission at Balanced Habits is to educate people how to eat real food.  We provide a sustainable approach based on balanced macronutrients and sensible portions of all the foods you already enjoy.

Easy to Follow

Our programs are custom designed to your individual body, lifestyle and goals. We focus on getting our participants the results they want and deserve. We’re not magicians, but we are experts in body transformation.


No matter which format you choose; our 28-Day KICK START or longer term LIFE programs, you’ll have access to a certified Food Coach who will motivate, inspire and educate you…because after all It’s Your Life.  

Proven Results

Over the last 30 years Balanced Habits has transformed 125,000+ lives. We’ve developed a system of nutrition that produces incredible results relying on real food, not products or supplements.

Who is Balanced Habits?

Balanced Habits is the leading nutrition coaching program for consumers, coaches and businesses to reach their goals and live a higher quality of life.  Unlike other weight loss and nutrition programs, Balanced Habits is the only one that provides sustainable solutions based on personalized coaching and real food. Because we are a macronutrient based program, we are able to work with anyone, no matter what their goal. We only partner with facilities that can provide personalized support for their members.

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Founded in 2013, by former gym owners Paul & Carolyn Fetters. Balanced Habits certifies Food Coaches, educating them on proper balanced nutrition and implementation of the programs we offer. Our certifications are recognized by AAFA & NASM as a continuing education provider.

Balanced Habits Partners are selected based on their ability to provide individual and personalized coaching to their customers.  Our programs are structured on that fact that every body is an individual, complex and unique entity that requires a personally tailored nutritional program to produce the best results.


Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results:



Both my husband and my 6 children now have a mom/wife with much more energy. I sleep less and get out more. I have more clarity. I find dealing with tough issues is much easier. My whole family is benefiting from the change. Joining the program completely changed my life.



The Balanced Habits’ programs provided me with a road map, as I call it, that made this journey clear and easy to follow. With these tools in place, they showed me how to properly fuel my body, while maintaining my energy and as a Police Officer, that is extremely important! In just 28 days, I leaned down to my Police Academy weight and felt amazing!



I had a very ambitious goal to lose 50 pounds in just 6 months before my wedding, I started with the 28-day KICK START program went immediately into the LIFE program and I not only hit my goal, I exceeded it! The program makes sense and it’s now a lifestyle I have maintained. It took the guesswork out of what I should eat and when I should eat it. It felt almost too easy!




I was encouraged to do the KICK START to drop some weight for my brother’s wedding. Little did I know that it would change my life. I lost 25 lbs, but I had more weight I wanted to lose so I took part in the LIFE program. I loved the feeling of support I received, I love the menus and recipes, I love that it is portioned so that you lose the weight.  After seeing early success, I was able to stay focused and the program continued to work for me.  I stayed on the program for 21 weeks and I lost 80.5 lbs!!! I am below 200 for the first time in 15 years!

We like to say, “there are no bad foods, only bad portion sizes.” Words to live by.

How to Get Started with Balanced Habits

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Use our location finder to type in your zip code to find the nearest Authorized Balanced Habits Location near you.

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Once you’ve found your location, contact them directly from the information provided,  or contact BHHQ directly and we can help you find a location if there is not one in your community.

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Once you have found your Authorized Partner Location you can get started with our programs, whether you want to try things out with a little BOOST, or dive right into LIFE with our comprehensive program, there’s nothing holding you back!