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For decades countless diets have come and gone, each claiming to be the best for weight loss. From low fat diets to low carb diets to high protein and even vegan diets, people have tried every strategy in the book to become thinner. So after all of the endless research and attempts to stay thin, why is the rate of obesity increasing?

The truth is, diets are not sustainable because weight goes far beyond eating healthy food. While all of these diets focus only on what or how much to eat, they don’t account for other things happening in life. Things like your schedule, your physical and emotional health, your environment, and even your culture all play a role in your eating habits, yet the majority of diets fail to consider these factors.

Strict diets are never the best diets to achieve your goals

If you are looking to achieve and maintain a healthier weight it’s important to acknowledge that past failures were not your fault. Because diet plans don’t take your lifestyle into consideration, the plan itself is what failed. A lifestyle approach is a far more effective way to reach your goals, and here is why.

The Best Diet Needs to Consider Your Current Lifestyle

Your lifestyle didn’t happen overnight. You spent years developing it, so strict and sudden changes are purely disruptive to your life. You shouldn’t have to overhaul your entire lifestyle to be successful. In all honesty, making your life harder for the sake of losing weight is a recipe for failure.

Instead, a lifestyle program focuses on ways to make your life easier. It focuses on taking your current food choices and slightly adjusting them to get your body to respond better to your choices. It focuses on planning your meals ahead of time so you can avoid poor choices that happen when making last minute decisions. And lastly it focuses on empowering you by guiding you through realistic goals and building up to new ones.

Meal prep is an important strategy at maintaining your best diet
Meal prep is an important strategy at maintaining your best diet

Unlike Fad Diets, Lifestyle Programs Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

What every diet seems to have in common is that they all tell you precisely what you need to do to lose weight, without exception. But how do they know? They never met you. They don’t know your health history or what actions you’ve already taken to address your weight issues.

A lifestyle program on the other hand takes the steps to understand your situation before making recommendations. An effective weight loss plan takes time to develop and differs according to each individuals various needs.

The Best Diet is One That Can Evolve Over Time

The majority of diets are strict and focused on food eliminations. In most cases, the only way to be successful is to give up everything you love. Excuse the pun, but that’s not a “recipe” for sustainability.

A lifestyle program is about finding solutions to your current problems, and teaching you how to solve new ones as they arise. It provides an unlimited range of choices, making it easier to get back on track when experiencing temporary setbacks. Lifestyle programs never feel strict. They empower and encourage you throughout your weight loss journey.

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The Best Diet is One You Can Maintain For Life

Diet plans only focus on short-term solutions, whereas lifestyle programs focus on sustainable solutions that will last a lifetime. Lifestyle programs are not only about losing weight, they are also about nurturing your health.

Therefore the best diet is actually not a diet at all. It’s a way of creating a lifestyle that will lead you to your goals all while helping you enjoy life to its fullest. The best diet is simply the one you can maintain for life. We encourage you to ditch the diets and allow us to support you with creating your ideal lifestyle……for good.

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