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Brian Thurston

Brian’s Journey Started Here:
I’ve always been a physically active guy and at 6’4″ and as much as 300lbs at one time food has been a preoccupation forever!
When I hit 300lbs plus in my late twenties I knew it was time to do something about my eating. At that time the Atkins diet was all the rage and within 8 months I was 220 pounds without really having to work at it but my muscle mass also went out with the fat.

Worse, in a couple years I had crept back up to 275 so decided it was time for Atkins again. This time it simply did not work. I lost a few pounds but the no carb diet made me light headed and the weight just wouldn’t go away.

Over the next 30 years (I am 70 now) I have done just about every diet you can imagine with minimal success… Mediterranean, Paleo, Keto, intermittent fasting…you name it I tried it with the same results…some quick weight loss (mostly water I suspect) muscle loss, and worst of all; nothing really stuck with me as a long term eating plan.

Circumstances Behind Brian’s Decision:
I set a goal for reaching 70 and was bound and determined to stick to it. The goal was to be as strong as in my college football days but to also lower the fat level so I could actually see the results of my efforts. Also my blood pressure was getting to the danger level, my cholesterol had crept up and my subdural fat measurement (In-Body test )was an 11 which is unhealthy.

My strength was coming along ok with 6 days of hard work per week in the gym. I attribute some of this to upping my training regimen to a minimum of 5 sets of each exercise rather than my traditional 3 sets. However, after months I was still a long way from the goal and I felt like there had to be a missing link and it was probably diet. Then one day I met Paul Fetters….he explained to me that diet was the missing link and we talked extensively about what needed to happen for me to achieve my goals.

Positive Impacts:
I can’t just use the word “positive” when I talk about the impact the program has made on my life. Deliriously happy is a better term! In just one month on the diet I gained 6lbs of muscle mass, lost nearly 7lbs of body fat and my visceral fat measurement went down to an 8!
Eating the proper foods at the proper times turns even a 70-year old body into a fat burning muscle building machine.

Furthermore I finally have a healthy eating program that is easy to follow and easy to make a lifetime habit of. With these results why would I quit? I am now 3 months into the program and people even stop me on the street to comment about what a fit person I am. My wife is blown away with the changes I have finally been able to make. And by the way…I benched 315lbs for my 70th birthday!

What Brian Tried Before…
What is different about Balanced Habits is simple is that you eat a suggested 4-5 meal a day basis, drink your water , you are full when you are done eating and the food you eat is natural and healthy.

This is a super simple formula that anyone can adopt for a lifetime.

Would Brian Recommend Balanced Habits™?
If you are serious about changing your life and your look, the ONLY way to ensure long term success is a program that you can adapt and use for life otherwise in no time you will be back where you started or worse.