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Jeff McFadden

Jeff, Tell us About Your Journey of Weight Loss:
I have consciously tried to lose weight once in the last 5 years and did manage to accomplish some weight loss. However, it was short lived and I proceeded to not only put the weight I lost back on, but increased my weight to a big number. The added weight certainly had a large impact on my physical condition as I was easily tired after doing anything requiring some physical exertion such as going up steps. I was reluctant to do anything requiring too much physical effort such as playing more than 9 holes of golf in one day. Emotionally, it was affecting my outlook on physical activity in general and leading me into a stagnant lifestyle.

What Circumstances Lead You to Join Balanced Habits?:
I needed another full knee replacement and decided if I was going through with the surgery, I would also make some dietary changes to improve my quality of life. I managed to lose some weight and started exercising (water walking) and was well on my way to a better lifestyle. After consulting with my doctor, he suggested a nutrition program to help me continue to my journey to a better lifestyle and also to try and eliminate some (if not all) of the medication I am taking for cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Tell Us Some Positive Impacts You’ve Experienced So Far:
I was able to reduce my blood pressure medication by 50% (at this time). My A1C level is now just below the limit for type 2 diabetes and I am hoping to be able to reduce or eliminate this medication after my next doctor visit. I do not shy away from physical activity and have plenty of energy throughout the day.

What Have You Tried in the Past?:
The difference in the Balanced Habits program compared to my “self help” program is night and day. I’m now making informed decisions about what I consume and understanding the impact of my decisions in relation to my overall well being. I have a clear path forward of which I can control my dietary decisions, exercise, and lifestyle. It is a long term sustainable approach to living the way I desire to live.

Who is Your Personal Food Coach and Why is a Coach Important?
Carolyn Fetters is my food coach. She took the time to understand where I am at in life and what goals I wanted to achieve going forward. She provided continued support with dietary suggestions while never telling me “not to eat something”. She educated me about choices I make and the impact of my choice with the goal being to help me make choices I can accept and live with. I was exposed to different exercise options while not being forced into any of them. Again, the idea is to make me aware of options and let me choose which option might work for my lifestyle. The communication between us is open, direct, and she went out of her way to make her time available to me.

Would You Recommend Balanced Habits and Why?
I would definitely recommend Balanced Habits to others and am already doing so when I get the question of “What are you doing to look so good ?” I tell them I decided to get informed about meals, foods, and the impact they have on my lifestyle. Anyone looking for a long term, sustainable lifestyle with regard to nourishing their body, eating every day foods in the correct quantity, they should look into Balanced Habits.