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A healthy lifestyle can be difficult to master, and it’s not always easy to identify where we go wrong in our weight loss journey. Even those with advanced knowledge of nutrition and fitness can struggle with applying their knowledge to themselves. A health coach may be the thing you need to identify what’s holding you back from achieving your long-term goals.

Check out the Top 6 ways a Health Coach can help you master a healthy lifestyle and solve your weight loss goals, for good!

A Health Coach Can Design a Plan Around You

Let’s face it; everyone is different.
If you’ve ever started a specific diet because it’s the “hot thing” right now (think Keto or the South Beach Diet) you might soon realize that it’s not easy or pleasant to maintain. That’s because it wasn’t built for every person.

You have so many characteristics that are specific to you like body type, routine, favorite foods, work schedule, and the list goes on. What works for one person, isn’t necessarily going to work for you. A good Health Coach knows how to see you as a unique individual and use your current lifestyle as the base for creating a healthier lifestyle that you’ll be able to manage and build upon.

A Health Coach Provides Motivation and Consistency

The most difficult part about weight loss is keeping it off long-term. That requires consistency, but consistency is not always easy when life constantly pulls you in various directions. Having a Health Coach means you’ll always have someone in your corner to help you manage your chaos and gain motivation to continue making healthy choices.

Health Coach

A Health Coach Can Help You Positively Reframe Your Weight Loss Journey

When you tackle an issue alone, the experience can be isolating and riddled with negative thoughts. A Health Coach has a special ability to redirect your attention away from your mistakes, and refocus them on positive behaviors that will better serve you. The result is an experience that feels constructive and emotionally fulfilling.

A Health Coach Can Identify Your Hidden Biases

It is natural to gravitate towards the things you’re comfortable doing, or even great at doing. And on the flip side, people often have the tendency to avoid their weaknesses. A Health Coach has the ability to identify your biases and help you lean deeper into your weaknesses. This is what will make the biggest difference in accomplishing your goals.

Health Is Much More Than Your Nutrition and Fitness Routine

While “calories consumed vs. calories burned” is the simplified version of why weight fluctuates, there are much deeper reasons why people make certain choices. Health Coaches help you get to the root causes of weight gain which are often tied to emotional coping mechanisms and habits developed earlier in life. You can’t attain perfect health without first addressing the things that have heavily influenced your current lifestyle.

A Health Coach Is Like a Nutritionist, a Fitness Expert, and a Therapist All Wrapped in One

Professional coaches and mentors are beneficial for anyone looking to excel in specific areas in life. However, hiring a different expert for each and every need would be costly. A Health Coach combines three key areas affecting our health, making it a more reasonable investment. And since “health is our greatest wealth”, it’s arguably everyone’s most essential investment.

Do you have areas in your lifestyle that are difficult to overcome? A health coach can help you master your journey to better health. To learn more, talk to a Balanced Habits coach today. Begin here!

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