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Sandy Berglund

Please tell us your history with Attempting to Lose Weight:
My weight loss along with exercising – cardio, weights and balance training – has given me momentum to live my best life as I age. Getting stronger for quality of life in my 70s and beyond.

What Circumstances Led You to Participate?:
Older men and women have low protein levels as they age, which can make them more susceptible to illnesses and slower recovery from illness/falls. I don’t want this to happen to me. I want quality of life as I age.

What positive impacts allowed you to be successful?:
“Balanced “ eating habits for three months which have become “habits “. I learned about my body and my irritable bowel, and had to work to get it on track. I was pushed to continue to incorporate weights along with increasing my heart rate with cardio.

What have you tried in the past and Why was this time Different?:
I like the simplicity of counting protein, carbs and fats. In my retired life, I could really focus on the diet and fitness. My job kept me from taking care of myself.

Who did you Work with and Why Did Their Coaching Support you to be Successful?:
At LifeWorks South West General Hospital in Ohio, both Becky and Katy were responsive to emails and questions. They were supportive. And Carolyn, from Balanced Habits™ HQ was also supportive to problems, with solutions – and support along the way.

Would you Recommend BH and What would you say?:
I would tell them the program works! They will need to put time and thought into the process.

On a personal Note, Please share something important to you:
I feel I am getting stronger.