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Michelle DeBow


Please tell us a bit of your history with weight loss:
I have been on many diets but always gained the weight back. This was so discouraging
Then one day I saw the flyer for balanced habit . I absolutely love it what a game changer

What circumstances caused you to give this a try?
I have been going to the gym religiously and could not lose weights watched what I am ate and nothing came off till now

What positive impace did your program provide you?
With the confidence of finally feeling good about my self.

What past attempts did you make at losing weight?
I went to the gym 4 times a week cut carbs all together and nothing the scale did not move.

Please tell us something about your Coach that led you to experience such success?
Masterful Mae was my coach. We met once a week and she always was so positive with me and she really listend to me and gave me great pointers

Would you recommend Balanced Habits?
I most certainly would this is a awesome program loved it. The key is to really stick with it trust me this really works.

Are there any other stories or things you’d like to share?
I finally felt good in a bathing suit and didn’t have to hide. I feel so good about myself