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I’ve found myself reminiscing on the past a lot lately. I think the reason why is because things seemed almost easier in past years.

Like me, I am sure this new reality we’re all living in has presented you with new challenges and hurdles to overcome.
It was so simple before….” …sigh

This picture from 2015 was when Balanced Habits™ provided a 2-day in-person certification training with fitness clubs bringing us in as their partner in nutrition. This particular time we had two trainings within 2 weeks, one on each coast.

….ahhhh, the good old days. My how things have changed. ….another sigh

Now Balanced Habits™ has transitioned to be much easier to implement, as we’ve “pivoted” into a new and necessary course for the fitness industry to provide accredited nutrition programming for their member’s. Not how I envisioned the company transitioning, but none of us probably saw a future quite like the one we’re living in today.

What has changed for your company to meet this new way of operating your business? Does it align with your mission or have you had to reassess your model and way of thinking to be relevant? Accepting change can be as hard as implementing change, in some cases.

We’d love a chance to demonstrate what we’ve built Balanced Habits™ into, to serve this new fitness industry, that we’re all navigating day by day.

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Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779

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