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Unfortunately, we hear this comment on a regular basis.

There’s two ways we could interpret this comment. On one side of the coin, would be that people are simply unaware of the fact that having a plan actually saves you time. In fact, having a plan set in place helps you to be more organized and simplifies your daily life.

As for the other side of the coin, it comes down to priorities. If we swapped out “too busy” with what we believe is at the root of the person’s reluctance, the same sentence would be: “I’m not ready to prioritize my health.”

Both sides of the coin are pretty common and at Balanced Habits™ and we have learned how to support people to move beyond these misunderstood belief systems that are holding them back.

Jennifers BH Results

Being “busy” is a concept that almost every human being knows, but probably not more so than Jennifer. When we began working with her, this busy lady was a mother to six children with a husband who works as a police officer. She homeschools their children and runs the household. In doing so, she became perpetually exhausted and felt she had lost herself amid her life’s demands. She knew she needed to get a hold of her health. Inherently, Jennifer knew she had to prioritize herself to be the best version of herself for her family, who all depended on her. Although, it felt too overwhelming; she didn’t know where to begin.

Shellys BH Results

On the other side of the spectrum we have Shelley, a mom of two and a NICU nurse with 12-hour night shifts.  Shelley has a military background which means that she thrives on organization; although when we met, she had no plan and was flailing. She’d gained quite a bit of weight, wasn’t eating or sleeping well, and was pretty miserable. 

Both Jennifer and Shelley were “too busy to focus on their health.” Jennifer was too consumed by the needs of her family to prioritize herself and her health. Shelley was too consumed by work to develop a plan to keep herself organized and focused on her health. When we have a plan developed for us, our lifestyle, our particular life’s demands, preferences, and goals —the floodgate of possibility opens up. We begin to see how much easier life can be by having a complete plan laid out for us.
Everything seems more intentional and simplified. We become more organized, confident —our energy is stabilized and our health feels manageable.  What we once saw as overwhelming, difficult, and demanding, has now become the lifeline we didn’t know how much we actually needed. Developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle finally feels within reach and preferable.

If Jennifer, who now has eight children and Shelley, who is still as busy as ever in life, can overcome their “side of the coin,” or rather, their own reluctance to create change, you can too.  Having a plan developed for you and your lifestyle is exactly what will simplify and organize your life.

No one should ever be too busy to prioritize their health.

Dietary management is a vital part of the Balanced Habits™ program. After all, without your good health and balanced habits that support your lifestyle, what do you have? Far too many people needlessly struggle with their health and fitness because they try to do it alone. There’s no substitute for having expert guidance, a program designed specifically for you and the built in accountability and the support to see it through.

Both of the women we highlighted started their health journey with our short-term, 4-Week Balanced Habits™ Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program, and each moved forward, cementing their new lifestyle, with the 12-Week Balanced Habits™ LIFE program.  Both women needed coaching to devise a lifestyle that was specific to the challenges they each faced. Together, with their coach, they built a lifestyle centered on organization, reality, and the limitations of their schedules. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

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