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Make the month of May the month you prep for summer!

Tip #1

What to do in your kitchen to prepare? Spring cleaning calls for tossing the old grimy sponge and deep cleaning our glassware using vinegar to bring back the shine!  It’s also time to tackle the oven as we put the oven onto summer vacation. Ovens need a break too.

Tip #2

Prep the BBQ for being an outdoor chef for all of the summertime grilling you’re planning. This task is a must so you can take advantage of the warm evenings and dining al fresco under the stars.

Tip #3

Speaking of al fresco dining, this should also mean al fresco entertaining! Summer grilling is the easiest way to entertain a whole crew at once with minimal effort.A simple dinner of a nice spring-time salad, grilled chicken tenders, grilled veggies, and you’re sure to be the “hostess with the mostest!”

Tip #4

Dinner Menu 
For the salad, use mixed greens, thinly sliced strawberries, a bit of goat cheese and a Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Grill the chicken and veggies, keeping it super simple by tossing them first with olive oil, a dash of garlic salt and a squeeze of lemon.  Voila- So easy, so yummy, and so appreciated.  
This dinner would be best complimented with a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, or Cava.

Tip #5

Now for the bedroom closet! Let’s get in there and sift through our winter clothes and put them away for the summer months.  Sweaters to the dry cleaner or folded away and into a box.  Coats too.  Do you have winter clothes you can donate?  Are you too small for some of your old clothes?  You are NOT going to fall back into old habits.  You are a new person.  Out with the old!

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