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Tip #1

Always make sure to have salt-free alternatives on hand.  They’re readily available and they taste great!

Tip #2

Make sure to always walk the spice aisle in whatever type of market you are in to see what is new or what might be new to you.  Compare nutrition labels for the addition of sodium.

Tip #3

Make your own spice blends!  Google ideas for making your own blends and you will be amazed at what you can come up with to not only enhance your cooking, but the money that you’ll save will be worth the effort!  This makes a great gift too.

Tip #4

Create more flavor enhancements by the way that you cook your foods.  Using a Slow Cooker for instance, causes flavors to “marry,” enhancing new and more bold flavors, instead of relying on using the salt shaker to bring out the flavor.

Tip #5

Ever heard of Celery Seed?  It has a naturally occurring sodium, so it tastes relatively salty, but in comparison to table salt, has only 3 mg. per teaspoon, compared to 2,325 mg. per teaspoon of table salt.  To take advantage if this “salty” flavoring, add in celery seed to soups, stews, or anywhere you feel it might taste appropriate.

Tip #6

Why does Balanced Habits™ use Kosher Salt in so many recipes versus Sea Salt?  The actual salt flake is lighter and larger, so less is more in the flavor department.  It’s easy to over-use salt and you can’t go backwards once you’ve made something too salty.  Go easy and try to lesson your taste dependency on sodium.

Tip #7

Vinegars are an excellent flavor booster!  Many folks are familiar with Balsamic, but be a tad leery of this flavorful vinegar.  There tends to be a lot of added sugar to this rich vinegar.  Try Clear Balsamic instead! Less acidic, less sugar and all the flavor Balsamic is known for!

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