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By Emily Graham

Building confidence can be a challenge as we move toward the new normal put in place by the pandemic. Finding ways to live a healthier lifestyle and focus on your mental health can be helpful when it comes to achieving goals and getting back out into the world, but it’s not always easy to make major lifestyle changes when you’re tired, stressed, or financially unstable. You can take the following steps to boost your self-confidence and get on a better track for your mental and physical needs.

Bust Financial Stress

The pandemic has created various stresses for many of us, and financial worries are at the top of the list. That stress comes with impacts that go beyond mental health, leaving us feeling exhausted and even widening the risk of stroke or heart attack. Not only that, your self-confidence can take a major hit when there’s financial instability on the table. Taking steps to free up some cash or lower the amount of debt you owe can be a huge advantage, so consider refinancing your home. While it requires lowering the amount of equity you have, it’s a good option for those who need a cash infusion or just want to lower the amount of monthly payments they owe. There may be a couple of fees involved in the process, so do some research before you get started.

Boost Your Career

If your money worries go deeper than the need to free up cash, it might be time to consider changing careers or boosting the one you already have. Going back to school can supply you with the skills you need to earn more, and it can also help you see your own value. Earning a degree has never been easier than it is right now, with several programs available online that allow you to work from home and on your own time. Think about pursuing a business degree in management, marketing, or management and leadership and how learning these skills could be in your best interest.

Take a Break

With school, work, family, and everything else on your plate, it can be easy to succumb to feelings of monotony or stress because you need time to yourself. Take a break from the things you have to do and make time for things you want to do. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes to practice a new hobby during your lunch hour, you’ll feel better after a little recharge. Not only that, engaging in activities that interest you can help build your self-esteem and can even lead to a new passion project or career. The benefits are numerous, especially if you get a friend or loved one involved and give it a social spin.

Take Care

Focusing on your needs should extend to your physical health, as well. If it’s been a while since your last checkup, schedule an appointment with the doctor to make sure everything is going smoothly. Start a new workout regimen. Pick up a new pair of
sneakers and some comfortable, easy-fit clothing to get the most from your workouts.

Research a few different types of diets to see if one interests you. The goal doesn’t have to be to lose weight; certain diets can help with everything from controlling blood sugar and blood pressure to boosting energy. Reach your full potential by working with a Balanced Habits food coach who can create a custom nutrition and coaching plan that is capable of improving your overall health and wellbeing. The better you feel, the easier it will be to tackle your goals for the rest of the year.

Raising your confidence comes with a lot of perks, and there are several ways to go about it. Find the ones that work for your specific needs, and look for support and encouragement from online resources and loved ones as you work toward your goals.

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