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When you opened your business, was it your goal for your new business to thrive? Did you think of that word specifically? “To thrive” is somewhat of an abstract concept, although the outcome is what you hoped for.

The verb thrive means to flourish or grow vigorously, and it can be applied to a business or to someone’s actual health.

My husband and I opened three boutique fitness locations within about a 12-year span. We started out in our 400 sq. foot garage until we were literally bursting at the seams. We trained 100 clients a week out of that small space; fortunately we counted the Mayor and Chief of Police as our clients, so the whole operating a business out of our garage that impacted the neighborhood thing was a non-issue.

True story.

When we opened a storefront location, we simply took the people from the garage and opened our new doors. It wasn’t until the first new customer walked in that we scratched our heads and thought, “Wow, I never thought about that happening!” Without trying, what we thought was already a thriving operation really got a new infusion of what it means to THRIVE as a business.

We sold our three locations after 15 years of being owner/operators, for SEVEN figures, to focus completely on Balanced Habits. What began just 15 years earlier in our home garage was such a well-oiled machine, with so many systematic profit centers; we were a very desirable business to buy.

Whatever stage of business you’re in, I know you work tirelessly to ensure your business and team is thriving in every way. “To flourish and grow” can be applied to all areas of life as a goal.

As a business, you deserve to get paid good money for improving your customer’s lives and when you can do that, they will happily give you money in exchange for your services. It’s not sales when you are providing an opportunity.

Balanced Habits is looking to partner with strong and business minded companies that are looking to build a thriving new profit center with the ability to scale, due to the systems we have in place for you. To ensure the growth of your business, you need a systematic approach to nutrition so you can help as many people as possible, while still being able to focus on the other profit centers in your business.

Balanced Habits can provide you with everything it takes to build a thriving new profit center with your nutrition services. Gone are the days of hand writing diets, asking your clients to journal so you can make suggestions, or giving advice that no one will use or appreciate.

It’s time to think about Nutrition as a PROFIT CENTER. The more thriving profit centers you have, the better you will do in your day-to-day business, but perhaps also as you look to develop your business plan to expand or sell one day.

Keep everything your members need to reach their ultimate health and fitness goals all under your one roof.

My favorite example is a high-end grocery store. They have everything their customer’s need within their four walls. They don’t contract with a Butcher, a Baker, or a Salad Bar expert. They have everything their customer’s need/want.

Each time they visit the grocery store they leave with a full cart and are thankful they got everything they needed under one roof. Your fitness business should share the same mentality. Improve your client retention, attract new members and over-deliver on your promises to help them reach their goals.

Let us help you do this. You won’t have to hire a Nutritionist or an R.D. either. We’ve got you your back. We’ll train your team. They’ll execute our nutrition programming. Your members will be ecstatic. Your business will thrive.

Today is a great day to

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