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Are you leaning into hard problems?

Someone who leans into a hard problem is someone who applies a process and ethos that creates possibility.

Possibility of change and taking a chance to maybe, just maybe….. get it right this time.

In other wards, someone you’d likely aspire to be. AKA: A problem solver

Last week I visited a new Balanced Habits partner near Seattle. The owner flew me up to spend the day with his entire team. He has a total of 13 locations and he’s looking to lean into a hard problem they’ve had for years; how to scale a customizable-real-world (eating) nutrition program to his 7,000 + members.

After spending the day working with his team we knew his clubs and Balanced Habits are well on our way to impacting the entire North West in a big way! He needs what we have to offer (the 100% solution) and we need what they have to offer (people…..lots of people).

This dude is definitely a problem solver and we’re going to support them to solve it. Bam!

Don’t let the unknown hold you back

You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Everyone has heard that before.

As a Fitness Professional, not knowing what’s available to shore up a hole in your business could be holding back your growth. And lets face it, it’s costing you more then just members.

When customers are having their needs met, they stay…and they tend to tell people who and what is responsible for improving their life.

Client Retention + New Leads = a successful business with multiple profit centers.

If you feel you’re a candidate to take on a scalable and systematic approach to nutrition, we want a few new-strong partners.

Our next on-boarding begins in just 3 short weeks. Act now to take advantage of our offer for the July Certification Training & Prep Course.

Let Balanced Habits™ support you to take action and bring to your club what your community needs (and wants); the 100% solution to their problems.

You won’t regret it.

Today is a great day to

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