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“I had been feeling like I needed to make a change in my life. After a career change to a position that was less active, I had let myself get to the biggest I had ever been, and was very disappointed when I saw pictures of myself.

After starting on Balanced Habits, I very quickly felt healthier and had more energy from the way I was eating and being more active, which encouraged me and gave me the confidence to keep at it.

In the past I had dieted and tried to get more active on my own but usually found it hard to stay on track and it didn’t last long. I think the difference was the BH food coaching that Encompass Fitness provided and being in contact with other members who were also on the programs or had already completed them. It really helped having people to talk to when I was having problems and also to share with when I found things that worked for me.

One of my favourite moments on the program was when I was out for dinner with friends and one of them who also had been trying different ways to lose weight, asked what I was ordering and ordered the same exact thing. It made me realize that people had seen the changes and how successful I had been, even when I didn’t see that my self.

I would definitely recommend Balanced Habits to others because it’s not a diet, it’s a smarter way to eat and develop better habits.” 

– Ron W.

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