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In our industry we tend to speak about the features…


“Look at my great equipment, look at all our cardio equipment, look how many trainers we have.”


But what we should be saying is…

We have all the tools and resources you need so you can reach your goals in record time,

Our cardio equipment is here for you to help with this journey so you can have everything under one roof.

Our trainers are the best in the business so you feel confident that you will receive world class instruction.

Your customers want to know what the benefit is to them, not that your Smith machine is always clean.


Be a hero!!!


At Balanced Habits™ we understand the benefits of having a world class nutrition program to offer your members so you can be the hero and change lives.

Your member’s will benefit by reaching their health and fitness goals.

See how that works?

You’re selling the benefits of what you can do for someone and painting the picture that they want to see.

Sell the vacation, not the plane ride.”


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