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Where does your mindset align?


Life as we knew it will never be the same.

We will have a whole new world to conquer when this is over.

I listened to a Simon Sinek podcast and had a ton of take-aways to share.

He explained that there are two mindsets and how they behave.

An infinite mindset says what will we be in the new world?” (reinvention mode)

A finite mindset says how do we preserve what we had?” (survival mode)

This pandemic can be seen as a “disruptor” of life and commerce. It’s really not anything we have not seen before, just a different type of disruptor. Three significant disruptors of life and commerce are Uber, Apple, the internet. All three disruptors pushed entire industries and businesses to either reinvent themselves or try to survive…….until they couldn’t.

Today, the businesses that are in survival mode may not make it into the new world.


Back to the two different mindsets

An infinite mindset is a hustler! Look at what the small, independent businesses are doing. Boutique fitness clubs have adjusted and adapted by immediately providing online workouts and support. Even restaurants immediately began making to-go meals (complete with a cocktail!), selling essential supplies….whatever they could to be there when the new world is open again for business.

A finite mindset hopes they can wait this out and go back to what they were doing and offering before. They closed their doors, laid off their staff and are trying to survive until they can reopen.

Balanced Habits™ is supporting our authorized partners to have an infinite mindset. We too are reinventing ourselves for the new world. We have to, and we are embracing the changes as opportunities.

Our noses are to the grindstone by making sure our customized nutrition programming can be offered virtually, which we have never done before, but understand this is what the new world will need.

Of course there are other adjustments and adaptations we are making but that is at the top of the list so the infinite mindset businesses we work with can continue making revenue when they need it the most.

This is a GREAT wakeup call for all of us in business. We need to reinvent ourselves, our industry, what we offer, and how we offer it.

One of my favorite questions Simon Sinek asks is, WHY do you do what you do? WHY do you do it?

Don’t confuse that with WHAT you do, that’s not relevant to your customers. Your customers are going to be more selective with how and where they spend their money.

The new worlds customer’s will need to know the BENEFITS of what you provide them, not the features of what you have. Say that a few times until it sinks in.

Hang in there and let us know if we can help you in any way.


Carolyn Fetters


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Remember this, “not everyone has to (or wants to) exercise, but EVERYONE has to eat.”