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My Baby Is Going to Have His First Baby This Week

He turns 29 yrs. old tomorrow and his baby boy is due on his birthday. What an exciting time for our family. Milestones are incredible and becoming a grandparent rates pretty high up there on the amazing chart!

My husband and I are going to be known as “Lolli & Pop”!

“Pop,” and I opened our first Fitness Club back in 2001 and grew it into three clubs by 2016.

We eventually sold all three to focus full-time on this company, Balanced Habits, which we opened in 2013. Not sure “Pop” is loving not being a gym owner as much as I am, but we’re making things work! ha ha

I envision Balanced Habits to seriously disrupt the Diet Industry programs in a huge way by educating consumers to combine fitness + nutrition under one roof. That was, and still is, our goal; “To empower people to live a higher quality of life.” And that goes for our Fitness Club Partners too, as we coach and mentor them to build a new profit center using the Balanced Habits systems and programming, they too can live a higher quality of life with peace of mind that they’re delivering on their guarantees and have more consistent income.

Our 28-Day Community Event: the Balanced Habits Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program is well underway all across North America today. At this time there are about 3,000 people all improving the quality of their lives by this one little program we created back in 2008 to service our own Community in SoCal.

What a cool milestone. Our 29th installment of this program that is changing and improving lives in this powerful and meaningful way. This “Lolli” is very proud of that!

Ready to experience a new milestone for your business?

Your Coaching and Mentoring awaits! The training starts now for an exceptional rollout of your New Year-Healthy Body Community event! Don’t put it off any longer. Take action today.

Reach out to Paul, our Director of Sales, to schedule a time to talk through how we can coach and mentor you and your team.


Head BH Coach, Carolyn

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